• Mail: info(AT)lydiapepin(DOT)com
  • Mail: info(AT)lydiapepin(DOT)com

“The Conversation” - Oil on Canvas, 16”x 20”

"Combining her remarkable artistic ability with her intuitive gift for tapping into the essence of her subjects and bringing them to life on canvas, Pépin has distinguished herself as both a sought after commissioned portraitist and a renowned contemporary oil painter." - The Huffington Post


Art exhibit putting in the forefront fantastic Canadian Women who’s influential work contributes to the betterment of Canada.

Portrait Painting of Mayor Jim Watson

is now up at City Hall. Have a look at the behind the Scene!

Thursday December 15th, Lydia Pépin gave an interview about her artwork, future projects and portrait painting on DayTime Ottawa. Go have a look!

A Glimpse of the Artist

Lydia Pépin is an Ottawa based oil painter and portraitist. She has exhibited at galleries and events across Ontario, and will have her work featured in Paris in 2017, and Manhattan NY in 2018. Her portrait commissions include painting of Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, on permanent display at City Hall.


Lydia Pépin has recently been featured in the Huffington Post and the Ottawa at Home Magazine. She has previously been interviewed by TV show “Daytime Ottawa” on Rogers TV and “Entre Nous”, and in various publications, including the international magazine “Art and Design”.

Recent Paintings